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Fuller Bath Clean

Fuller Bath Clean
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Removing soap scum is easy with Bath Clean from Fuller Brush.

If you've grown weary of the tiresome process of removing soap scum then maybe it's time to learn how to remove soap scum the easy way without having to resort to harsh chemicals or endless scrubbing. Bath Clean from Fuller Brush takes the hard work out of cleaning soap scum, hard water stains and plenty of other bathroom maladies.

Instead of endless scrubbing with traditional cleaners Bath Clean allows you to simply spray the powerful solution directly onto the stain, wait about five minutes and then wipe away. No more scrubbing to remove shower soap scum.

Bath Clean doesn't just work on hard water stains and soap scum either; it also protects your surfaces to prevent future buildup. The powerful, nonabrasive, formula dissolves stubborn bathroom stains without damaging the surface then deposits a protective shield that forces stain causing deposits to simply slide away. If you're going through the process of removing soap scum isn't it great that you're cleaner also prevents it from depositing in the future?

Bath Clean goes far beyond its ability to remove soap scum in the shower. If you've ever wondered how to clean a filthy grime off bathroom mirror surfaces or how to clean fiberglass shower surrounds, Fuller Brush has your answer to that as well.

Bath Clean isn't just about removing soap scum from porcelain, it's about cleaning all your bathroom surfaces quickly and effectively with a tough foaming action that dissolves bathroom stains. It doesn't matter if you're up against mineral deposits, or soap scum; Bath Clean powers through the stains and lets you easily wash it away. Fuller Brush has taken bathroom maintenance to the next level with this easy to use product. Forget about expensive multi-surface cleaners; or, even worse, multiple bathroom products each designed for a different surface. With Bath Clean from Fuller Brush you get one product for everything. The only surface materials that should be avoided are natural marble and varnished woods. Anything else; whether it's porcelain, fiberglass, tile or glass is fair game for the powerful action of Bath Clean.

Now with Grime Guard™!

BATHCLEAN's powerful formula works quickly and effectively to foam away and dissolve tough soap scum and hard water stains caused by calcium, magnesium and other minerals. Regular use will prevent mineral stain build-up. 22 fl. oz.
Grime Guard™
•Repels bathroom grime
•Soap scum and dirt just wash away
•Provides an invisible shield to guard against soap scum and dirt build-up
Use with Spray Trigger #907 (not included).

This product is not available in Canada.

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